REACH Programs Help Florida Families Keep their Homes

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Real Estate, Education and Community Housing

Dedicated to helping families remain in their homes, Patricia M. Tracey serves as executive director of REACH in Palm Beach Gardens, and Miami, Florida. Under Patricia M. Tracey’s direction, the organization has helped thousands of Florida residents avoid the perils of foreclosure.

REACH, or Real Estate, Education and Community Housing, is a nonprofit foreclosure counseling agency in Florida. The organization exists to serve the needs of families who are facing foreclosure in the state of Florida. Established in 2006, the organization has spent the last decade helping people from modest backgrounds remain in their homes.

REACH works through several programs to offer the variety of assistance that many of their clients need. In addition to their basic foreclosure intervention services, REACH helps people establish or repair their credit through the credit mitigation program. The organization also offers a homebuyer education program as well as a home ownership program. Both of these provide prospective first-time buyers with the resources they need to make informed decisions.